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I recently wrote this song based on the story of a dear friend and her adventurous life. She has lived as an anthropologist digging up bones in the midwest, down in Antarctica at the Research Station, in the Pacific managing a clean-up project on an atoll, and playing flute and singing too! I both envy and admire her spunk and intelligence and willingness to try her hand at the whole world. She now owns her own business and travels all over the world still. The recording you can hear on my SoundCloud was recorded live on June 7, 2015 at the Eliot Street Soirée Singer-Songwriter Jam.

Golden Bird, Shining bright,
Golden Bird, Flying free
Golden Bird, my Golden Girl,
Live your way every day.

Verse 1:
Digging old bones on the brown dry plain,
Bathing by ice at the bottommost sea,
Swimming with flim-flam in the blue mid-ocean,
Sleeping ‘neath auroras by an evergreen tree…

Verse 2:
Filling the air with fluted silver,
Leading the weary to a new way,
Trilling sweet sounds of crazy love,
Gliding boldly into each new day…

Wings beat ‘gainst a glassy sky,
Heart roared with a troubling cry,
Claws pushed off from a rotting tree,
Your bliss is only in flying free!

Verse 3:
I will not follow in your flight’s path:
My limbs are too languid for that pace.
I watch your feathers blaze in the sun
And sadly delight in your untamed gaze.

* * *

Here a live recording here:

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