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A song about grief, loss, regret. I have recently lost dear friends and colleagues and there are several upcoming anniversaries of loss. The only way to express this is in a song. Here is the link to the recording: https://soundcloud.com/janhapharp/season-of-loss

Season of loss, season of regret.
I cry for another again I’ll never see,
For words unsaid and a touch never met,
But a little part of you is always with me.

Verse 1:
Cellular pain courses through.
Chemical remedy and radical ray
Blast their way into you,
But life and death will have their way.

Verse 2:
You breathed, you loved, you danced,
Within my life, your steps wore a trail.
You cried, you toiled, you chanced,
Within my life, you’re a part of my tale.

I see the timbre of your voice
In ripples of light across my eyes.
I hear the music of your smile
In gentle words, soothing and wise.

Verse 3:
Reaching out across space and time,
Your love, your light, your laughter,
Reaching back across space and time,
Your face, your joy, your ever after.

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