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I sent you a scent.

Again, more inspiration from the “Wait, wait don’t tell me!” NPR radio show.

On November 12, 2011…they Bluff the Listener on the latest innovation, and the answer is, as Peter Sagal, says, yes indeed, we may soon experience:  “Smellable tweets coming perhaps to a computer near you.”  So, Twitter will some day add posts with smells.

Which got me thinking…

Perhaps it will be called “Sniffer”. And the postings will be “Sniffs”.

“I sent you a sniff”.
“I sniffed what you sent.”

“I sent you a scent.”
“I scent what you sent.”

And will there be differences between smells, odors, scents, and aromas?

Food for the nose.

And will that annoying cellphone ad use the line “Can you smell me now?”

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