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For Joy (10/12/1947 - 03/08/2020)

My sister asked for a chocolate cake
And so I baked her one
With chocolate frosting and nothing out of the ordinary.

She was just recovered from fluid on her lungs
Aspirated the day after Thanksgiving.

Now, at home in her dining room,
She had the breath to appreciate 
The chocolate deliciousness.

Ten weeks later, she was lying in her hospital bed,
Cancer exploding throughout all her parts.
She was mostly delirious,
But was willing to take in some cold chicken soup.
I fed her, 
Small spoonful by small spoonful--
Her last meal.

I wish she were here to bake me popovers
And a cocoa carrot cake.

I want to revel with her in the sweet berries salad we'd often share
Or hear her joy at me playing the harp
And see her dab at her eyes when I sang a sad song.

I see your smile, Joy--a reflection of my crooked one.
But, where did you go?

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