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Pretty Voice Blues

This one is dedicated to my dad, Paul Frelich, who passed away last Sunday…this was one of the last verses I read to him.   Inspired by two men, one a friend who said I need to sing like the experienced woman that I am.  And the other was a choir director who wanted me to sound like an English choir boy. Oh jeez…

Pretty Voice Blues

Pretty voice blues got me singing this song.
Up high and not low seems the sound may be wrong.

Man done told me my voice is too nice;
You gotta salt that sugar with some heat and spice.

Another man told me to keep the tone straight,
But a boy soprano ain’t been my fate. 

Trained tone blahs got me singin’ this ditty.
Can you sing the blues if your voice is too pretty?

Well,  I’m a strong, grown woman and I’ve paid my dues,
Yet I got me a pretty voice singin’ the blues;
Yes, I got me a pretty voice singin’ the blues!

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My Celtic ensemble has a favorite waltz entitled “I’ll make my love a breast of glass”.    The tune is quite pretty, but came with no words.  We found a discussion online of some traditional lyrics, which have a theme of giving your true love a glass breast within which the lover can see your heart beating truly “for you”.  I decided to write my own lyrics though, using that basic concept but including my idea about a “magic bird”.  This one is dedicated to my husband, who once had dark hair.

I’m reposting with an additional 2nd verse.  9/14/12 — reposting again with a final verse.

I’ll make my love a breast of glass

I’ll make my love a breast of glass
Mirrored in which will be my heart.
This heart will ring like mellow brass
To soothe my love when we’re apart.

“Take care, my love, with your strong hand
So not to break that fragile breast
For if it cracks you’ll crush my heart
And I shall shatter with no rest.”

I’ll send my love a magic bird
Whose song will sound my tender thought.
Her wings will quiver a soft caress
In his strong hand when her he’s caught.

There in her beak be my golden braid
And twined within my soul, my voice.
My words will be a melody:
A pledge of love to him, my choice.

She’ll give my love my shining hair
He’ll twine therein his own true soul
With his dark locks among the light
And make of two a single whole.

“Now you, my love, have placed your heart
Inside that breast along with mine;
And like two flowers in a garden
They grow together side by side.”

HeartSoulVoice ensemble performing this in February 2017

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