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Boston is my hometown, in my homeland, and in my world, in the world we share with so many, whether at the time of the Boston Marathon, or any other day of the year.  If you have been affected by the bombing on April 15, 2013 at the Marathon and you need some healing, may this song help you. The Soundcloud link is below if you wish to listen.

5/15/13 I felt the need to add a third verse and change the chorus. I’ve given much thought to the fact that we need stronger networks that provide support for those in need, whether for those who become victims OR for those who become perpetrators–in other words, we need the networks to prevent the explosions. And this holds true whether it’s those who commit mass mayhem or those who are killing the disenfranchised one by one in our inner city. All of us need to be listened to, to be heard, to have a voice, to have someone notice us when we are down or downtrodden.

So, I have changed the chorus as well…I need to re-record this with the new verse and chorus. Will have to wait for a bit…hopefully within the next few days! In solidarity,


Went to a songwriters’ group in early June and after some good comments, I’ve made some more changes–still haven’t made a new recording


I’ve added an intro to the song. And I finally got to do a new recording.

This is my hometown…It’s the world’s hometown

On April fifteen of twenty-thirteen
Two blasts occurred in Boston.
Some people died and many were maimed
And we asked who’s to blame, in Boston.

And we were so mad and we felt so sad
Trapped in our homes in Boston.
And I sat down to write this song
To say what I feel in Boston…

This is my home town.
This is your home town.
And we’re all in this together.
This is our home town.
It’s the world’s home town.
And we’re all in this as one.

I can’t believe you’ve done this,
I can’t believe it at all.
There is no real good reason
To make this kind of call.
And all I’ll want to ask you,
If ever (I get the time.) YOU GET TO HEAR
Is why, why, why, and why?
(When there’s no reason or rhyme) .

I can believe we’ll get through this,
Yes, I can believe that for sure.
For there’s lots and lots of reasons
And we’ll help each other endure.
And we’ll ask a lot of each other,
And we’ll all try to find a way.
For we know why, why, why, and why,
And plenty of folks that can say…

I wanna believe we give a damn
I wanna know we care from the heart
But there’s been too many seasons
The WORLD’s been torn apart.
We need to learn to listen
to SOULS WHOSE NETS are frayed.
We must ask why, why, why, why,
Not all of us feel they can say…

This is my hometown.
This is your hometown.
And we’re all in this together
This is our hometown.
It’s the world’s hometown.
And we’re all in this as one.


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