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My Green Man

A song for my husband, my Green Man (who has green eyes and Celtic ancestry).  This is the story of our wedding, held on May Day.  I may change some words, but then I may not, but whatever I’ve got, it’s all for Green Man.

The tune will be a jig (in 6/8).

1. On the first of May
Twas a cloudy day
But with garland gay
I wed my green man

2.In the church we did vow
Forever and now
“Before each we’ll bow”
Did say my green man

3.A song I did sing
Gave we each a ring
the piper did bring
all out with green man

4. Around the Maypole
My ladies did stroll
To ravel each roll
Before my green man

5. With delightful glance
My maids did dance
To weave and entrance
My laughing green man

6. Ribbons light in hue
Colored pink and blue
Wove a web for two
Around my green man

7. At last they cried
“Hooray for the bride”
And headed inside
To feed my green man

8. Then thru the gate
in to celebrate
the happy fate
of me and green man

9. A brogued biddy most spry
our craic she did spy
and with glee did cry
“such a handsome green man”

10.And as we stepped gaily
as if at a Ceilidh
marched in the trail she
of me and green man

11. My limbs did move
In a reveling groove
To dance for love
With my green man

12. His hand I did take
My heart did ache
I kissed and ate cake
With my green man

13. I never will part
From the joy of my heart
For my breast feels a start
When I hold my green man

14. Years later we’ll kiss
Even when our words miss
And belie any bliss
With my green man

15. For even in May
When the world is gay
The skies can be gray
O’er me and Green Man

16. But I’ll love him true
whether rosy or blue
le chroi, anam, agus guth
my own, my green man

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Tasty Tempeh

I love tempeh.  That is, tempeh cooked the way I do it.  And using my favorite brand—organic LightLife.


One package tempeh
Garlic powder to taste, or one clove fresh garlic.
Low salt tamari or soy sauce (use salt to taste if no tamari/soy sauce available).
Fresh ground black pepper
Parsley flakes
Olive oil
A smidgeon of cayenne (optional)

Slice the tempeh into strips, then into little squares.
Mince or press garlic, if using fresh.
Heat some olive oil (about 2 T) in an iron frying pan over low heat.

Saute garlic for 30 to 60 seconds (or done “to taste”, do not burn!), add tempeh.  Cook and stir until each side of tempeh squares is lightly browned.  If necessary, add more oil so that tempeh does not burn.

If using garlic powder, sprinkle that on, then the black pepper and cayenne.  Then, sprinkle tamari over the the browned tempeh.  Stir until all squares are coated with the sauce.  Saute for another few minutes until the squares look crunchy.  Little bits of the tempeh will be broken off at this point.  That’s OK, they are edible too.

At this point, the tempeh will have absorbed all the oil.  Let the squares brown a little more in the “dry” pan, but do not let burn.

Serve with brown rice, or bulgur, or soba noodles, or buckwheat soba noodles.

Is also excellent as a meatball substitute in home-made marinara sauce served with whole wheat pasta.


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