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The world right now…as it ever was, with Israeli killing Palestinian and vice versa.  Yet, the whole issue is wrapped up in one side or the other denying the others’ humanity, and mostly one side with all the power denying the right of self-determination, the right to self-govern, and the right to be considered equal with full privileges.  I believe that we are all HUMAN BEINGS before we are any other thing.


Some think there is true left,
Some think there is true right.
Some think there is true wrong
Counteracted only by might.

Fate gives some a twist
When an alley brings a fist,
But such a turn with strife
May bring a turnabout in life.

Look behind the gun, the fist, the knife,
You will see countless generations rife
With toothless gums and blinded eyes,
With children’s cries and mothers’ sighs,

With peoples misused and women jeered
By private privilege abused or country’s coin revered.
When any one of us strips another of their spirit’s power,
Ugly destruction lies in the pain of a weapon’s shower:

Restoration’s beauty lies in the promise of forgiving–
And in allowing those different, those wounded, those troubled…
the loveliness of living.

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