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Welcome to The Muses of Happiness!

These musings are about a journey back to happiness.  Three years ago, I began a two-year trek through the wilds of a toxic workplace.  By the end of that time, I was in depression and suffering from acute anxiety attacks.  While I did things I liked and loved, the enjoyment of them was dulled by the unhappiness of my day-to-day life.   You know you’re really depressed when even during all-mind-consuming activities (such as making music), you are brooding over what makes you anxious.

In the last year, I have begun journeying back to creativity, a voyage back to happiness.  I once again can enjoy music, cooking, artistry, and companionship, and have my mind and soul in the moment.

I love cooking and eating food, making and hearing good music, creating art through photography, writing songs, poems, stories, essays; working with youth, and counseling new mothers about breastfeeding.  While doing these things, I am often inspired to record my observations (whether in frustration or in exaltation) about these experiences.  I hope you enjoy my perspectives on these passions.

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